STS Methods Lab: Methodologies for animals’ geographies

Jamie Lorimer, University of Oxford, visits the Methods Lab Seminar September 21!

Animal geography is a vibrant sub-disciplinary field mainly concerned with how people organise the movements, territories, and spaces of other animals. A minor strand explores the lived spatial experiences of nonhuman animals themselves, or animals’ places. This talk reflects on ongoing efforts to develop concepts, methodologies, and practical methods for researching animals’ geographies. It reviews my own and others’ research collaborations with natural scientists in the field and in laboratories in which we seek to tune in to animals’ worlds. Our aims are to better understand animals, to improve their experiences, and to explore how thinking with animals enhances social theory. The focus is largely on terrestrial mammals living in proximity to people, whose worlds are similar enough to humans to allow us to transpose social science concepts and methodologies, while different enough to put these at risk.

Jamie Lorimer is a Professor in Environmental Geography at Hertford College at Oxford University, UK. Jamie's current research focuses on the microbiome, social practices and human and environmental health. He has made significant contributions to the emerging interest in the more-than-human condition and the moves in social science and humanities towards thinking beyond the Human. We are so pleased to welcome Professor Lorimer to the STS Methods Lab. 

STS methods lab

The STS Methods Lab is a series of academic theoretical methods seminars hosted and organized by the Science and Technology Studies (STS) research group at the TIK Centre. In-house and guest speakers are invited to present and share their works and thoughts on methods through open and interactive sessions.

Published Aug. 3, 2022 10:30 AM - Last modified Aug. 3, 2022 10:58 AM