TIK's Publication Workshop 2015

The Center for Technology, Innovation and Culture is pleased to invite its staff to the fourth Publication Workshop, which will take place at TIK on 24th-25th November.

Why a publication workshop?

The purpose is to share knowledge and experience among TIK’s staff about the process of publication of scientific articles in international peer-reviewed journals in the fields of science, technology and innovation studies. All interested researchers will circulate and present a draft paper that they intend to publish as a journal article, and will receive comments and suggestions from the other participants on how to prepare and revise the paper for publication.

How will it be structured?

The meeting will last between 1 pm and 4 pm. Each paper will be briefly presented, and then discussed in-depth by two "referees". The other workshop participants will act as "referees".

Who should attend?

All TIK’s staff is welcome to attend the workshop. We encourage participation of both junior researchers (PhD and postdoctoral students) and researchers that have already previous experience with journal publication activities. All participants are expected to contribute to the workshop either by presenting a paper, or by acting as discussants (or both).

How to register your participation?

If you like to present a paper, please send an e-mail to Fulvio Castellacci before 1st November indicating clearly:

(1) the title; (2) the abstract (max 200 words)

The full draft of the workshop papers will have to be circulated by Monday 16th November, so that the discussants will have enough time to read and prepare their comments.

Time and place

November 24th: TIK's classroom (529), 13:00-16:00.

November 25th: TIK's Meeting room (551), 13:00-16:00

Contact and further information

Fulvio Castellacci (fulvio.castellacci@tik.uio.no)

Published Oct. 9, 2015 10:08 AM - Last modified Oct. 27, 2017 1:03 PM