Midway seminar: Individual well-being and technology use

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Henrik Scwabe is a Doctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Technology, Innovation, and Culture (TIK). This seminar marks his midway evaluation.


Project description

My PhD is part of the project Responsible Innovation and Happiness: A new Approach to the Effects of ICTs. The project sets out to study the diffusion of technological innovations from the users’ side, and in particular the direct and indirect effects on individual well-being. Widespread adoption of ICT-related technologies continue to invade different aspects of everyday life, including interpersonal communication, work conditions, and time use.

The project is inter-disciplinary and combines economics, psychology, and innovation disciplines in its overall execution. I have so far investigated the effects of Internet use for well-being and expectation formation over the life cycle using survey data from European countries in combination with broadband development data for countries and European regions (NUTS1).

More information about the Responsible Innovation and Happiness project.


Thesis supervisor

  • Fulvio Castellacci (TIK)


  • Manudeep Bhuller (Department of Economics, UiO)
  • Monica Guillen-Royo (TIK, UiO)


The seminar is open to everyone, and the manuscript is available upon request.


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