Final seminar: Innovation and networks in resource-based sectors: How sectors differ in organisation of innovation, with evidence from the Norwegian upstream petroleum sector.

Erlend Osland Simensen

Photo: UiO

Erlend Osland Simensen is a Doctorial Research Fellow at TIK Centre for Technology, Innovation, and Culture. This seminar marks his final evaluation prior to submission of his dissertation.


Project description

This PhD presents studies of how sectors differ in the composition of knowledge networks and the knowledge needed for innovation. It does so by applying network and knowledge pattern analyses of Norwegian sectors. The results show that sectors vary significantly in their knowledge networks and organisation of innovation. Innovation processes does not confine itself to research and development, but are also embedded in every-day activities and firms’ internal and external knowledge interaction.

However, when innovation is measured with conventional measures such as R&D intensity and patents, it leads to a biased picture of the importance of innovation in various sectors. This thesis thus argues that there is a need for indicators of innovation that is better aligned with innovation theory, as well as better classification and definitions of sectors. To demonstrate this, we analyse the oil and gas industry, which traditionally is regarded as low-tech, but with a broader range of innovation measures. Based on this it is found that the Norwegian oil and gas sector is highly innovative compared to most other sectors in Norway, but that it relies more on interactions and experience-based knowledge than pure research and development.


Thesis supervisor


  • Rune Dahl Fitjar

This seminar is open to everyone, and the manuscript is available upon request.

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