Final dissertation seminar: Hanne-Stine Hallingby

Hanne-Stine Hallingby

Photo: UiO

About the thesis

This thesis is about how digital platforms emerge and function, and which role platform openness plays. The industry of interest is mobile telecommunication. Currently, human, public and business activities are increasingly digitized and software-based. In this setting the digital platform is a phenomenon empirically observed. Subsequently it has become subject to academic theorizing and normative guidelines for practitioners have been developed. This thesis builds on already existing theoretical lenses within the field of innovation that can explain and predict the empirically observed and theorized platform dynamics, namely, the innovation system and evolutionary approach to technology development.

The findings in the thesis support the systemic and evolutionary characteristics of an emergence process of digital platforms, however, downplay the role of open technology specifications as a singular cause leading to a dominant position of a platform. Insofar as platform openness affects innovation it is also caused by well-known innovation processes.

In this thesis, two articles are empirically investigations into factors that affect the emergence of platforms in the mobile telecommunication industry. A third article addresses the role technology openness is supposed to play for platform innovation and growth, and suggest that innovation processes such as knowledge sharing and legitimation add a necessary layer to the causal relationship between platform openness and growth.



The Final Seminar

The final dissertation seminar is organised towards the end of a candidate's PhD period, in the format of a trial disputation.

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