Energy Informatics and the evolving energy sector

About the talk

Energy Informatics is a new university initiative promoted by UiO:Energy and associated with the Department of Informatics. The main goal is to tackle the future global warming, energy crisis and climate change challenges by exploring state-of-the-art ICT (Information & Communications Technology) theories and tools to address energy-related problems.


In this talk, Professor Yan Zhang (MN, UiO) will first introduce the key concepts and vision in Energy Informatics.

Then, focus on one of the main challenges: how sharing economy may transform the energy sector. He will mainly explain this from three perspectives: the Internet Peer-to-Peer (P2P) principle, Blockchain, and game theory.

Finally, he will briefly introduce the new course INF5870/INF9870 Energy Informatics.


About the speaker

Yan Zhang is a Professor at the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo in Norway, with a PhD degree from School of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He serves as an editor in several top-ranked IEEE journals, including IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE Network Magazine, IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, IEEE Internet of Things Journal, and IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine.

Zhang’s current research interests include: next-generation wireless networks leading to 5G, green and secure cyber-physical systems (e.g., smart grid, healthcare, and transport). His works in these areas have received more than 9100 citations. He is IEEE VTS (Vehicular Technology Society) Distinguished Lecturer, and a senior member of IEEE and a Fellow of IET.

Read more about professor Zhang on his personal homepage.



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