TIK9024 PhD Course: Research, innovation and impact

This PhD course will look more closely at different aspects of how public research contributes to innovation and the broader societal impacts of investment in scientific knowledge.

Research, Innovation and Impact

What do we mean when we talk about public research? How and why does it matter for innovation and impact in industry and in society? How can this be studied empirically? Is there a way to resolve the many contested issues emerging at the intersection between entrepreneurship, science and innovation policy?

I the hope of answering some of these questions, the TIK centre will be organizing a PhD course on innovation and Impact in November 2017.

  • Time: November 27th - December 1st 2017
  • Place: Blindern Campus, UiO

Course content

In the late 1970s it became apparent that new high technology firms seemed to cluster around leading research universities such as MIT and Stanford in the US and Cambridge in the UK. Research in such organisations as well as in public labs seemed to be a major force in the electronics and ICT revolutions.

Since then the interest in how research organisations contribute to innovation and other forms of societal impacts has exploded. Policymakers have pushed for increased commercialisation from science and improved linkages between universities and industry, and they have called upon public research to contribute to solving society’s grand challenges. Although the interest in the utility of public science may be as old as science policy itself, the last decades represent a stronger belief in building a support structure around utility value and making this a more explicit demand to publicly funded research. Empirical investigations, particularly on academic entrepreneurship and university-industry linkages, have emerged hand in hand with the policy interests in these topics.

The course aims to present and discuss literature from different conceptual traditions and with empirical data from different countries.

The students will become acquainted with classic and recent perspectives on the relationship between research and innovation. The course will also address academic entrepreneurship, university-industry linkages and research impact studies.

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The course is organized by Professor Magnus Gulbrandsen, Director of Oslo Institute of Research on the Impact of Science (OSIRIS).


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