TIK seminar: The 9/11-effect on engineering research

Professor Mats Fridlund will talk about how terrorism has shaped engineering research, more specifically on the existence of a ‘9/11-effect’ on Research.

The terrorist attack on World Trade Center, September 11th 2001. Image: NYC Police/Det. Greg Semendinger.

Terrorism and engineering research

The presentation is a beginning towards a history of science and  technology of the 21st century ‘War on Terrorism’ through a study of how terrorism has shaped engineering research. In this it builds upon research within history of science and technology that since the 1990s has devoted an increasing interest to the effect of the Cold War on engineering research.

The "9/11 effect"

The presentation is based on the paper which extends and deepens our previous research that demonstrated the existence of a ‘9/11-effect’ on research in general by providing quantitative estimates and qualitative examples of how research in the engineering sciences during 1989-2013 have shifted towards increasingly addressing issues related to terrorism.

Our study used close and distant reading of published scientific articles identified in Thomson Reuters Science Citation Index and the Conference Proceedings Citation Index of about almost 2.000 items within the research area of ‘Engineering’. The resulting quantitative bibliometric visualizations are used for close readings to elucidate the qualitative historical effects of the 9/11-effect on engineering research.

About Mats Fridlund

Professor Mats Fridlund holds the first Finnish professorship in the history of industrialization at Aalto University in Helsinki. He has a PhD in History of Technology from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and his research focus on the cultural and political history of technology and materiality and he currently pursues a research program on the history of technology of terrorism, part of which includes exploring and developing digital history research methods. He has held faculty and research positions at several international research institutions in STS and security studies such as Center for Advanced Security Theory (CAST), University of Copenhagen, Northwestern University, Imperial College London, MIT, University of Manchester and University of Gothenburg.

Earlier research

A short introduction to the earlier research on the 9/11effect can be found in:

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