Midway seminar: Organisational creativity and innovation in challenging situations

What is the relation between innovation processes and employees' creativity in times of adversity?

Jakoba Šraml González

Photo: UiO

Financial and economic constraints

The objective of the thesis is to study how the situations of financial and economic constraints affect the on-going R&D activities and to specifically focus on the creative behaviour of employees involved in them. The thesis is based on the theoretical premise that creativity surges when firms have to deal with constraints as they wish to overcome them.

Three questions

As a point of departure, González poses three questions in order to shed light on the thesis' main theme. How do creative behavior and innovation activities relate to each other in firms? How do innovation activities look like in times of economic turmoil in regard to novel ideas and knowledge production? What is the role of policy in securing the continuity of innovation activities in firms in a situation of economic turmoil?

Midway seminar

Jakoba Šraml González is a PhD research fellow at the TIK Center for technology, Innovation & Culture. This seminar marks her midway evaluation. The seminar is open to everyone, and the manuscript can be obtained by sending an e-mail to anders.westbye[AT]tik.uio.no.

  • Thesis advisor: Magnus Gulbrandsen
  • Commentator: Taran Thune

Fulvio Castellacci will chair the seminar.

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