Final dissertation seminar: Ha Thi Bich Pham

Title of the thesis: Building and transforming dominant technology - The Portland cement industry.

Photo: Ha Thi Bich Pham

Global challenges

This research is about innovation in the face of climate change. Many of the ‘global challenges’ (including climate change, epidemic disease, food security, etc.) require innovations in order to be solved. In the area of climate change, most innovation-oriented studies have focused on energy production and distribution.

Need to innovate

But it is important to note that many other industries need to innovate in order to reduce emissions and ultimately solve the climate challenges. The study applies the technological innovation system approach to investigate the evolution of cement as a mature industry and its transformation from the perspective of climate change mitigation.  The cement industry provides the most important construction materials in the world; however it entails climate change problems, due to intensive energy consumption and emissions in the production process.

Patterns of innovation

This research seeks to describe and to explain patterns of innovations, industrial dynamics, and characteristics of an industry, and to delineate the influences of policies on industrial transformation regarding to the cement industry.  



The Final Seminar

The final dissertation seminar is organised towards the end of a candidate's PhD period, in the format of a trial disputation. The candidate's script for the presentation is available upon request. Please contact Tina Næss.

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