Final dissertation seminar: Christine Mee Lie

Working title of the thesis: Pursuing green growth: The role of innovation and policy. The case of East Asia

Foto: Christine Mee Lie.

Lie’s thesis adds to the debates about the role of policy and (green) innovation in the pursuit of green growth, with a special emphasis on East Asia: Japan, China and South Korea. The thesis consists of an introduction chapter and four articles nested within two parts: part 1: firm-level innovation and part 2: policy (design) – each of which can also be read as an independent text.

The main methodological approach is use of econometric techniques, applied in three articles, while the fourth is more theoretical and conceptual in nature. The two articles in part 1 employ firm-level innovation survey data from South Korea. The quantitative-based article in part 2 collects and creates a new meta-regression database (which is made publicly available).

Part 1: Firm-level innovation

Article 1 responds to a call in the literature about further exploring whether patterns of specialization in green innovation types exists, and whether the pursuit of different green technological trajectories are associated with different resource utilization and responsiveness to  policy; like environmental- and innovation/R&D-policy.

In article 2, green innovation is seen in a broader perspective focusing on employment effects across industries. This article thus takes one step closer towards saying something about possible future developments in industrial structure: employment effects might differ, thus implying different growth paths within a future green economy.

Part 2: Policy (design)

Article 3 investigates the empirical econometric literature on the effects of R&D tax credits, an increasingly common R&D policy instrument also considered important in the pursuit of increasing firm’s development of green innovations. The focus is especially on whether publication bias is identified in existing literature and if the industry dimension is found to matter.

Finally, article 4 develops a more conceptual framework that underscores the overlapping nature of different policy domains in relation to green innovation policy, while at the same time illustrating that these may occupy different positions: occasionally opposite positions and at various levels. The article specifically connects the fields of innovation-, industrial-, trade- and environmental policy, across the three governance levels: local, national and global.



The Final Seminar

The final dissertation seminar is organised towards the end of a candidate's PhD period, in the format of a trial disputation. The candidate's script for the presentation is available upon request. Please contact Jord Nylenna




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