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TIK Seminar: Taking Advantage of Natural Resources

Dr. Anabel Marin is visiting the TIK Centre to talk about how natural resources can be advantageous. She will hold a seminar that covers how to create new directions for innovation in seeds in Argentina and Brazil

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Agricultural leaders

Argentina and Brazil are world leaders in agriculture; they have expanded production massively recently and have pioneered the adoption of agricultural technology intensive inputs. An important development question is thus: are these countries taking advantage of their position as agricultural leaders, to develop linkages with knowledge intensive providers.

Exploring seed innovations

In the seminar Anabel will present evidence of an ongoing research that explores seed innovation in Argentina and Brazil: how this has evolved recently, which are the main factors affecting it and which are the main actors driving it.

Focus on successful domestic firms

As the strategies of foreign MNCs have been analysed in detail elsewhere, the project focused mainly in the domestic firms, which have been successful.  They investigated domestic seed companies to understand how they have gained significant shares in the domestic markets: they analyse the type of innovations they develop, which specific markets and needs they cater, with which R&D strategies and with which type of organization.

The research suggests that there are important opportunities for innovation and creating new directions of innovation in NRs, but also suggest that as firms become more advanced, the policy and business challenges become significant.

If you are interested in hearing more about Anabel's research, visit room 551 at the TIK Centre.

About Dr. Marin

Anabel Marin is a researcher specialised on innovation and development. Her initial training is in economics and this was followed by a Masters degree in development and a PhD in science and technology policy studies at SPRU, UK. Between 2004 and 2008 she did her post-doctorate and work as a research fellow at SPRU. Since 2009 she is a researcher from the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) of Argentina, and teaches at the University of Buenos Aires and University of Mar del Plata.

Dr. Marin is currently leading a project about transitions in activities linked to natural resources (NRs) in Argentina, Brazil and Chile and is also involved in three other projects on Latin America, about capability building and diversification in industries related to NRs. Underlying this work are analytical and policy interests in the association between structural change and development. She has extensive experience in data management and econometric analysis using firm level data.


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