PhD Defense: Bianca Cavicchi

M.A Technology, Innovation and Culture Bianca Cavicchi will be defending the thesis The effects of Feedback Dynamics on Sustainability Transitions Policies: the case of Bioenergy for the degree of ph.d.

Digital Event

This is a digital event. Join virtually with zoom. Download zoom here.


Ex auditorio-questions: The chair of defence will invite anyone who wishes to serve as an ex auditorio to do so by writing in the chat or give signal by clicking on  "Participants -> Raise hand".


Click here to join the public defence at 10.30 (Opens at 10.00)

Trial lecture

Title of trial lecture: How can we understand policy and governance in sustainability transitions?​


Adjudication committee

Chair of defense



10:30-13.30 Public defence

For more information

You may request a pdf of the thesis by sending an email to by April  21st

Bianca Cavicchi - Research profile

Press release


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