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Disputation: Jakoba Sraml Gonzalez

M.A. in Development, Institutions and Economic Integration Jakoba Sraml Gonzalez will be defending the thesis Innovation in situations of crisis: oil and gas suppliers as innovators during the 2014–2017 industry downturn for the degree of ph.d.

Trial lecture

Jakoba Sraml Gonzalez
Photo: UiO

The trial lecture takes place at 09.00 a.m., in Gamle festsal.

Title of the trial lecture

"Collaborative innovation: Vertical and horizontal inter-organizational relationships and forms of governance to effectively engage in R&D".

Adjudication committee

  • Professor Mary Tripsas, Carroll School of Management, Boston College, USA (1st opponent)
  • Professor Thomas Hoholm, Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Norwegian Business School (BI) (2nd opponent)
  • Professor Birthe Soppe, Department of Informatics , UiO

Chair of defence

Head of Department Fulvio Castellacci, Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture, UiO




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