Science, Technology and Culture

The group of Science, Technology and Culture at TIK investigates the issues and concerns of the production and roles of science and technology in society in historical as well as contemporary materials, on different levels of scale, and with an interdisciplinary set of methods and analytical resources.

About the group

We share a focus on knowledge and knowledge -production as an essentially cultural and material practice. The tension between expertise and democracy is a core issue of the group. This includes studies on the politics of expertise and the interrelationships between science, expertise, regulatory politics, markets, practitioners and lay people. On the one hand this is about studying the way things are governed in today’s knowledge societies. On the other hand the focus is on the ways in which science-society relations and the formation and use of expert knowledge has changed historically.

We also have a strong focus on controversies, how they emerge among scientists and then involve other groups in wider public discussions. In addition, we are interested in improving the way controversies are organized and managed in society. Concerning empirical focus, a large part of our research is focusing on nature-culture issues, environmental problems and questions concerning risks and risk-related issues.


Academic programmes and courses


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