Participants in The STS group

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Kristin Asdal Professor +47 22841614 Science and Technology Studies, Actor-Network Theory, Climate change, Expertise, Environment and Energy, Science and innovation policy, Science and policy, Politics of nature
Tone Druglitrø Forsker +47 22841627 94986339 Actor-Network Theory, Science and Technology Studies, History of Medicine, human- animal relations
Hilde Reinertsen Forsker +47 22841652 Aquaculture, Bioeconomy, Public Sector Management, Policy Studies, Montoring and Evaluation, Foreign Aid, History, Science and Technology Studies, Document Analysis.
Sylvia Irene Lysgård Guest Researcher +47-22841656 Science and Technology Studies, Science and policy, Energy Policy, Renewable energy
Irene Øvstebø Tvedten
Susanne Bauer Professor +47 22841616 Science and Technology Studies (STS), Russia, Central Asia, Sociology, History and Anthropology of Science, Technology and Medicine, feminist technoscience and infrastructure studies, environmental health
Tone Huse Associate Professor +47 22855264 Science and Technology Studies
Silje Rebecca Morsman Student
Bård Hobæk Student Science and Technology Studies
Sissel Aasheim Stipendiat
Ana Delgado Associate professor +47 22855850 Science and Technology Studies, Politics of knowledge and technology, publics, biological objects, infrastructure, sharing and ownership, open science, bioeconomy, futures, social movements
Tommas Måløy Stipendiat
Béatrice Cointe
Kjersti Aalbu PhD Candidate
Helena Margareta Nynäs Student
Stine Engen Stipendiat
Marie Stilling Hansen Stipendiat

Other participants