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Published Oct. 26, 2020 6:50 PM

Is there a contradiction between quality and relevance? Do researchers emphasize originality and publication in prestigious journals, while users want easy-to-read and simple answers to practical questions? A new, large survey among users of research in public agencies indicates that users emphasize many of the same quality criteria as the researchers themselves.


The OSIRIS blog

On the OSIRIS blog the members of the project team write about impact of research as our research on this topic progresses.

We aim for a collection of posts that represent preliminary and conceptual findings and ideas, discussions from meetings and seminars, shorter analyses of empirical data and brief summaries of the vast literature on impact. Some of the posts will be shared with the Impact Blog at the London School of Economics, the most comprehensive web page devoted to this topic and a great source of interesting ideas about many topics within science policy and science in practice.

The blog is also open for contributions from people outside of the OSIRIS team. Send us an email if you have a text that would fit into the blog.