Manchester Institute of Innovation Research

Understanding the social, economic, political and managerial dimensions of science, technology and innovation.

Research at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research seeks to better understand how science, technology and innovation contribute to solving societal problems. MIOIR approach this challenge through a holistic programme of four Connected research areas:

  • Innovation in firms
  • The specific role of the state
  • Dynamics of emerging technologies
  • System transitions and societal challenges

The Institute is a leading global contributor to science and innovation studies literature. MIOIR staff are members of international Research Councils and sit on the editorial boards of leading academic journals, while many are also elected members of national and European academies. MIOIR is also an important figure in international academic associations such as the European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation (on science and innovation policy: and the International Sustainability Transitions Research Network (

"Innovation is no end in itself. We need to understand how it creates economic value and, even more importantly, how it contributes to societal welfare" - Professor Jakob Edler, Executive director, MIOIR


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