Policy for smart and green industrial transformation

A key goal of INTRANSIT is to understand how the existing mix of research and innovation policies contribute towards realizing the goal of system transformation and industrial change, to identify strengths and gaps in the existing policy mix and to suggest avenues for further policy developments.

Image may contain: Office chair, Office, Ceiling, Building, Property. To accomplish this goal, RS5 focuses on the following targets:

  •     Development and experimentation with methods to assess the impact of policy on industrial transformations
  •     Analysis of the existing policy mix for industrial transformation in Norway, in light of international developments
  •     Portfolio analysis of R&D&I projects to identify patterns of technological and industrial diversification among Norwegian firms, and the effect of policy interventions on diversification
  •     Policy learning, dialogue and experimentation with policy, with Norwegian stakeholders and international policy experts

INTRANSIT is based on an “engaged scholarship model”, and collaborates with users and stakeholders in industry and policy in multiple ways, from problem formulation, collaborative research to diffusion of knowledge.  

This research stream is coordinated by Professor Taran Thune.


Ongoing activities include:


RS5 researchers

Taran Thune (RS5 coordinator)