Blending new and old in sustainability transitions: Technological alignment between fossil fuels and biofuels in Norwegian coastal shipping

In this paper, Bach, Mäkitie, Hansen, and Steen explore how the development and implementation of biodiesel and liquefied biogas (LBG) in Norwegian coastal shipping has been influenced by a technological alignment with fossil fuels. 

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The authors understand this influence to emanate from the (mis)match of biofuels with the structure of coastal shipping (e.g. infrastructure, knowledge, institutions, actors) which has been shaped by fossil fuels. The paper contributes to the development of the Technological Innovation Systems (TIS) framework by discussing the effect of sectoral cross-technology externalities on the functionality of a TIS. 

You can read the full paper in Energy Research & Social Science.

Published Feb. 17, 2022 1:18 PM - Last modified Feb. 17, 2022 1:20 PM