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New INTRANSIT paper in Research Policy investigates digital innovation.

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INTRANSIT's Birthe Soppe has co-authored a chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Collaboration and Entepreneurship with C.Lechner and K.Heggli.

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Doblinger, Soppe and Huber turn their attention to entrepreneurial firms that operate under the disparate logics of competition and cooperation in this Academy of Management Proceedings article.

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Why would firms in the oil and gas industry become entrepreneurs in floating wind power technology? How do they use their existing competences in such ventures? Read more in Tuukka Mäkitie's new article in Technology Analysis & Strategic Management.

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In this article Matthijs J. Janssen  and Koen Frenken discuss how economies’ established stronghold industries can form a basis for sustaining competitiveness.

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In this paper Matthijs J. Janssen, Maya Bogers and Iris Wanzenböck argue that as systemic innovation intermediaries (SII) orchestrate interactions between innovative actors, they might alleviate the constraints of proximity effects on R&D partnership formation.  

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This working paper by Jan Fagerberg provides new insight into the speed with which transition happens by studying wind energy in Denmark, the German Energiewende and electrical cars in Norway.

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Tuukka Mäkitie, Allan Dahl Andersen and Jens Hanson's working paper develops an integrated framework for the analysis of multidimensional relatedness between innovation systems in the context of sustainability transitions.

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In this paper Henrik Brynthe Lund and Asbjørn Karlsen explore the importance of vocational education institutions in regional innovation systems, and the role skilled workers have in implementing new technologies in manufacturing industries.