INTRANSIT's conference summer

The conference season is upon us and INTRANSIT researchers are presenting work at several events this summer. Here is an overview of INTRANSIT's conference contributions.

Gronen (May 31 – June 2)

The Group for Research on Organizations and the Natural Environment (GRONEN) organized a conference on the theme Sustainability in context.

INTRANSIT contributions

Birthe Soppe co-organized a professional development workshop (PDW) on Moral markets in Context. The PDW explored research strategies for studying market, organizational, and individual dynamics in and across diverse local contexts.

Matthijs Mouthaan presented his ongoing work on The spatio-temporality of frames and their institutionalization: The case of Norwegian salmon farming.

EU-SPRI (June 1-3)

Our partners in Utrecht hosted the EU-SPRI conference this year. This is a conference for studies on research and innovation policy. INTRANSIT researchers were involved in several ways.

INTRANSIT contributions

Markus Bugge co-organized a special session track on The geographies of challenge-led and mission-oriented innovation policies.

Taran Thune presented a paper on Institutional logics and mission-oriented innovation policy formulation: A case study of the Norwegian long-term plan for research and innovation. The paper explores how institutional logics in different policy fields affects policy coordination for mission-oriented innovation.

Tuukka Mäkitie presented On the role of digital innovation in energy transitions. The paper explores the 'twin-transition' and studies how digital innovation affects the energy transition.

Jan Fagerberg presented work on Mobilizing innovation policy in the pursuit of net zero emissions: An evolutionary perspective.

GEOINNO2022 (4-6 July)

The Geography of Innovation Conference is a conference focused on the spatial dimension of innovation activities.

INTRANSIT contributions

Artur Santoalha and Fulvio Castellacci present their work on How can digitalization impact environmental sustainability in European regions?

This page will be updated as the conference season progresses.

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