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On August 15th, INTRANSIT visits Arendalsuka to discuss the possible green future of Norwegian industry.

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INTRANSIT invites candidates to apply for two PhD Fellowships at the University of Oslo.

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INTRANSIT is happy to announce a four-year postdoctoral positon to work on research on sustainability transitions and industrial transformations. The position is co-funded by INTRANSIT and FME NTRANS.

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Birthe SoppeTaran Thune, and Jochen Markard are convening a track on "Sustainability Transitions: Bridging Systems and Organizational Perspectives to Tackle Grand Challenges" on the forthcoming EGOS colloquium in Hamburg in July 2020.  

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On October 23rd, INTRANSIT's Markus Steen held a workshop for the Research Council of Norway on innovation and green & smart restructuring.

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INTRANSIT begun its work with a two-day kick-off meeting at the University of Oslo on 6-7 May 2019, including a workshop with invited stakeholders.

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SINTEF Digital is now searching for a Research Scientist who will work with INTRANSIT and FME NTRANS.

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INTRANSIT researcher Tuukka Mäkitie defended his PhD thesis in innovation studies at UiO on 23 October 2019, amongst other things focussing on policy mixes to advance sustainability transitions in the norwegian oil and gas industry.