INTRANSIT kick-off workshop

INTRANSIT is a newly started research centre at the University of Oslo. To this kick-off seminar we welcome colleagues, partners, users and stakeholders to learn about INTRANSIT and to discuss the challenges of industrial transformations towards a smarter and greener Norwegian economy. 


The INTRANSIT Centre has one overall mission: To understand how industrial transformation towards a more sustainable and smarter Norwegian economy can be fostered.

The aim of the workshop is to introduce INTRANSIT to researchers, students, stakeholders and potential users, and to share our plans and ambitions. We also want to discuss they key  concerns with stakeholders to better understand the main barriers and possibilities for a smart and green shift in our economy.


13.00- 13.15
Centre director Taran Thune introduces INTRANSIT

The era of sustainability transitions and industrial transformation – current knowledge and research gaps(Associate professor Allan Dahl Andersen; TIK & Associate Professor Birthe Soppe, Digent, IFI)

13.45 -14.30

Transformations in energy, maritime, aquaculture and manufacturing industries (Professor Taran Thune, TIK & Senior researcher Markus Steen, Sintef Digital)


The digital transformation (Professor Koen Frenken, Utrecht University)

Coffee break 

15.00 -15.45

Group discussions addressing three questions:

  • What are important drivers for smart and green industrial transformations?
  • What are main challenges for transformation in different industries and what steps are taken in response to them?
  • To what extent are existing research and innovation policies relevant in alleviating transformation challenges in the Norwegian economy? What gaps exist in the current policy mix?

INTRANSIT researchers will moderate the group discussions and summarize main points.  

15.45-16.00: Summary and outlook for INTRANSIT


Published Mar. 27, 2019 10:33 AM - Last modified May 5, 2019 8:55 PM