Science and technology studies (STS)

In contemporary society, science and technology permeate public debates, policy and politics, and are seen as indispensable for solving social and environmental problems. At the same time science and technology are increasingly contested by many groups, often exposing risks and other negative consequences of technoscientific achievements.

In the late 1960s, following many controversies over the role of science and science-based technology in society, a “science of science” was institutionalized as part of a concern in many countries with the uses of scientific knowledge within politics. Science and Technology Studies (STS) is today a flourishing interdisciplinary research field engaging many scholars who analyze the production and role of science and technology in society. STS scholars study the ways in which science and technology emerge, become institutionalized and become interwoven with politics. Thus science and technology are studied as cultural and material practices that are shaped by society and crucial in the production of social and political reality.
STS at TIK has a special focus on the tension between expertise and democracy, which produces controversies among experts and between experts as well as other groups in society.
This includes studies on:
  • the interplay between different firms of expertise and lay knowledge
  • how scientific knowledge is used in politics, policy making and regulation of new technologies
  • the ways in which science and technology give rise to controversies related to nature and culture
  • the role of science and technology in environmental conflicts


Published Oct. 8, 2010 11:17 AM - Last modified June 1, 2017 12:42 PM