Jens Hansson

Academic interests

  • Innovation and emergence of new technological innovation systems
  • Energy transition
  • Renewable energy
  • Climate and technological change
  • Innovation in mature industries
  • Public policies supporting innovation


Master of Arts in Society, Science and Technology in Europe

PhD in innovation studies


Jens Hanson is a researcher at SINTEF, and affiliated with the Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture. His research focuses on socio-technical transitions in the energy and transportation sectors in particular. He focuses on innovation and adoption of low-carbon technologies, with a particular emphasis on solar energy. Hanson is also interested in the various types of interactions and ties between emerging and established industries and technologies as part of broader transition processes. He is currently managing the project "conditions for growth in renewable energy industries (RENEWGROWTH), funded by the research council of Norway. This project explores the broader industrial, geographical and political conditions for achieving growth in renewable energy industries.

Tags: Innovation, Energy policy, Innovation systems, Renewable energy
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