Cyriac M. George

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Postal address Institute of Transport Economics Gaustadalléen 21 0349 Oslo - Norway

Academic interests

Cyriac George is interested in the changing relationship between society and technology as it relates to mobility, particularly in urban areas. Central to this is the transition away from transport and land-use systems built around privately owned fossil fuel driven automobiles. George’s research addresses the development and uptake of cleaner fuels and drivetrains (e.g. hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric vehicles), as well as the organizational, behavioral and cultural shifts that can facilitate the use of existing technology in a more sustainable way (e.g. car sharing and mobility as a service).


George has worked as a researcher in the Markets and Governance Division at the Institute of Transport Economics since 2017. He completed a master’s degree in technology, innovation and knowledge at the TIK Centre in 2017. Additional degrees include a master in urban education from Mercy College in New York City (2009) and a master in international relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi (2006). George has also worked as an information and communications officer with the United Nations (FAO) and a special education teacher in a NYC public school.

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