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Stefanie Jenssen is a postdoctoral researcher at TIK Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture at the University of Oslo, Norway. Her research interests include Science and Technology Studies (STS), material semiotics, feminist studies, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), the Internet of Things, reflexivity, ethnographic theory and methods, as well as foresight and scenario methods in public governance and research policy.

Tags: Science and Technology Studies


  • Jenssen, Stefanie (2010). Dictatorship from the inside. My life in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Internasjonal Politikk.  ISSN 0020-577X.  68(3), s 427- 436
  • Jenssen, Stefanie (2010). Municipal visions: Reflexive futures between paradigm and practice. Futures : The journal of policy, planning and futures studies.  ISSN 0016-3287.  42(4), s 345- 354 . doi: 10.1016/j.futures.2009.11.020
  • Jenssen, Stefanie (2009). Foresight and governance: how good can it get? The case of stakeholder image construction in a municipal vision project. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management.  ISSN 0953-7325.  21(8), s 971- 986 . doi: 10.1080/09537320903262397
  • Jenssen, Stefanie (2007). The demand for dialogue: studying the influence of organisers in public foresight. International Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policy.  ISSN 1740-2816.  3(4), s 403- 419 Show summary

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  • Jenssen, Stefanie (2010). Foresight Between Uncertainty and Convention: an ethnographic study of research policy foresight at the Research Council of Norway. PhD Thesis, University of Oslo 2010. Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture (TIK), Faculty of Social Science, University of Oslo.  216 s.

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  • Jenssen, Stefanie (2006). Future Scenarios and Strategy Work – the Case of Foresight on ICT Research at the Norwegian Research Council.
  • Jenssen, Stefanie (2006). Responsibility and Reflexivity: Organising Foresight as a Political Project in the Making, (Vitenskapelig Foredrag og Paper). Show summary
  • Jenssen, Stefanie (2004, 23. juli). De mulige fremtider.  Morgenbladet.
  • Jenssen, Stefanie (2004). The Emergence of Textuality in Foresight Practises.
  • Jenssen, Stefanie (2002). How to Avoid the Void in Digital Learning Environments?.
  • Jenssen, Stefanie (2002). Stories for Translation: Strategies for New Networks to Change Old Routines.
  • Jenssen, Stefanie (2001). Institusjonenes satsing på informasjons- og kommunikasjonsteknologi (IKT) i lærerutdanningen (første prosjektår) : ekstern rapport skrevet på oppdrag fra KUF juli 2001.
  • Jenssen, Stefanie (1996). Without a textual place: identity, technology and desire in contemporary science fiction.

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