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Academic Interests

  • Innovation and technological innovation systems
  • Green building - innovation in the construction industry
  • Innovation policy and climate policy

Higher education and employment history

Hilde Nykamp holds a Master of Arts in Society, Science and Technology in Europe (ESST) from University of Oslo (2010). Nykamp was employed as research assistant at NIFU in 2011, where she worked on a research project with the topic innovation in the construction industry. She started at TIK in 2012. 

PhD project

Innovations in construction and the transition to low-carbon society

The project is a study of the technological innovation system around advances in sustainable or green building. The institutional context, such as industry regulations, standards and practices will be explored. Nykamp is also interested in the possibilities for scaling up from trials and demonstration projects.

A broader goal for the project is to explore linkages to both the energy sector and urban planning/transport sectors to see if innovative building projects can contribute to a wider socio-technical change - towards low carbon society.


Tags: Energy policy, Innovation, Climate change, Innovation systems, Renewable energy


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  • Nykamp, Hilde (2015). Sustainable Building and Industry Transformation.
  • Nykamp, Hilde (2014). Learning and knowledge creation in a temporary setting.
  • Nykamp, Hilde (2013). Energy innovation in construction sector.
  • Nykamp, Hilde (2013). Policy Instruments affecting Sustainability Innovation in Construction.
  • Nykamp, Hilde (2013). Policy mix for Sustainability Innovation In construction.
  • Nykamp, Hilde (2012). Defining Characteristics of the Technological Innovation System for Zero Emission Buildings.
  • Nykamp, Hilde; Skålholt, Asgeir & Ørstavik, Finn (2011). Sikkerhet i komplekse prosjekter: En undersøkelse av tiltak for sikkerhet, helse og arbeidsmiljø i fire byggeprosjekter. NIFU-rapport. 23.

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