Teknovatøren awarded Student Publication of the Year!

In conjunction with the celebration of the 202 year anniversary of the University of Oslo, Teknovatøren was awarded with the title of “Student publication of year”.

Shortly after the win was secured, Teknovatøren issued the following statement on their website:

"This is a much-appreciated recognition of our hard work and dedication. We would like to thank all our readers and partners, the administration and faculty of the TIC-centre especially, for their support and encouragement. Additionally we would like to congratulate our talented fellow nominees. Last but not least, we want to thank SIO, the student welfare organization, for facilitating our vibrant community, of 30.000 students."

Reasoning of the jury

For writing about relevant topics related to technological development, innovation and knowledge production, in a critical manner. The journal assumes a unique role within social science and the humanistic discipline, which in an outstanding fashion sets an example. Teknovatøren represents more than a mere journal, at the centre of Technology, innovation and culture. The publication is strongly integrative and engaging for the graduate students. The students receive valuable experience throughout the production of the journal - communicating their knowledge in a semi-scientific manner. Congratulations!

Criteria for the student publication award

The prize in this category is awarded to a student publication that in an outstanding manner has fulfilled the following criteria. The layout should be secondary to the quality of content, but will be part of the assessment. The publication can be in either digital or in print. The category includes all publications that has at least one published issue (for digital distributions it is a requirement that the content is regularly updated.

The activity should be student-led and student-initiated, preferably.
The activity should engage students at the university, or engage university students to reach audiences outside the university. 
The activity must be of high quality and be neat, orderly and formally organised. 
The activity should be based on voluntary and unpaid work. 
The activity should be an example to follow. 
The activity aims to develop students' knowledge and practical skills. 
The activity should stimulate students' professional development and enhance the integration of disciplines and leisure. 
The activity should benefit fellow students. 
The activity must be consistent with the studies and academic progress. 
The activity is intended to highlight voluntary student activity.

Published Sep. 2, 2013 9:16 PM