Martin Demant Frederiksen

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Treffetider By appointment
Besøksadresse Moltke Moes vei 31 Eilert Sundts Hus 0581 Oslo
Postadresse Postboks 1091 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic interests

My research interests concern questions of disengagement among youth and the role of decay, meaninglessness and the existence of Nothing in social life. Related research interests and areas include nihilism, crime and corruption, urban development and infrastructures, time and materiality. 

I have conducted ethnographic research in the Republic of Georgia since 2006, mainly in the cities of Batumi, Ambrolauri and Tbilisi, and more recently in Bulgaria and Croatia. Currently I am working on a comparative monograph about vacancy and transcience in southeastern Europe.

Courses taught


PhD in Anthropology, Aarhus University


  • Sapere Aude, Young Research Talent. Awarded by the Danish Council for Independent Research, 2013.

Positions held

  • Consultant, Connectio
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen 
  • External Lecturer, Institute of Culture and Society, University of Aarhus



Emneord: Urban Studies, Time and Materiality, Organized Crime, Youth and Subcultures, Meaninglessness and Absence, Migration and Tourism, Caucasus and the Balkans


An Anthropology of Nothing in Particular (monograph, Zero Books 2018)

Georgian Portraits: Essays on the Afterlives of a Revolution (monograph, with Katrine B. Gotfredsen, Zero Books 2017)

Ethnographies of Grey Zones in Eastern Europe: Borders, Relations and Invisibilities (edited volume, with Ida Harboe Knudsen, Anthem Press 2015)

Ethnographies of Youth and Temporality: Time Objectified (edited volume, with Anne Line Dalsgaard, Susanne Højlund and Lotte Meinert, Temple University Press 2014)

Young Men, Time and Boredom in the Republic of Georgia (monograph, Temple University Press 2013) 


  • Frederiksen, Martin Demant (2018). Waiting for Nothing: Nihilism, Doubt and Difference Without Difference in Post-Revolutionary Georgia, In Manpreet Janeja & Andrea Bandak (ed.),  Ethnographies of Waiting: Doubt, Hope & Uncertainty.  Bloomsbury Academic.  ISBN 978-1474280280.  6.  s 163 - 181
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  • Frederiksen, Martin Demant (2017). Joyful Pessimism - Marginality, Disengagement and the Doing of Nothing. Focaal: Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology.  ISSN 0920-1297.  78, s 9- 22 . doi: Vis sammendrag
  • Frederiksen, Martin Demant (2016). Material Dys-appearance: Decaying Futures and Contested Temporal Passage, In Peter Bjerregaard; Anders Emil Rasmussen & Tim Flohr Sørensen (ed.),  Materialities of Passing: Explorations in Transformation, Transition and Transience.  Routledge.  ISBN 978-1-4724-5791-2.  2.  s 49 - 65
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  • Frederiksen, Martin Demant & Gotfredsen, Katrine Bendtsen (2017). Georgian Portraits - Essays on the Afterlives of a Revolution. Zero Books.  ISBN 978 1 78535 362 8.  189 s.
  • Knudsen, Ida Harboe & Frederiksen, Martin Demant (ed.) (2015). Ethnographies of Grey Zones in Eastern Europe - Relations, Borders and Invisibilities. Anthem Press.  ISBN 978 1 78308 413 5.  205 s.
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