Publisert 22. apr. 2015 11:21

Fredrik Barth is one of the towering figures of twentieth-century anthropology. Written in an accessible style, this new intellectual history by Thomas Hylland Eriksen traces the development of Barth’s ideas and explores the substance of his contributions.

Publisert 17. apr. 2015 14:22

Knut Nustad discusses the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in South Africa: the Isimangaliso (St.Lucia) Wetland Park. Here, conservation interests are pitted against those of industrial forestry, commercial farming, and the local communities struggling to have their land returned to them.

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Publisert 15. apr. 2015 11:25

In this new volume Marit Melhuus has written the chapter The Embryo, Sacred and Profane in which she attempts to untangle the conflicting meanings and interests people with different perspectives have for the human embryo.

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