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Arnd Schneider and Christopher Wright have published Between Art and Anthropology which provides new and challenging arguments for considering contemporary art and anthropology in terms of fieldwork practice. Artists and anthropologists share a set of common practices that raise similar ethical issues, which the authors explore in depth for the first time.


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In her article, Marit Melhuus turn on issues of methodology with regard to the study of biotechnology in contemporary society and its contribution to further debates about what it means to study biotechnology ethnographically

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Unni Wikans bok For ærens skyld. Fadime til ettertanke har nå kommet ut på arabisk. 

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This is a study of the meanings and possibilities for justice in the contemporary world. Anthropologists examine the ambiguities of justice in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. In her chapter "Global Governmentality: the case of transnational adoption", Signe Howell examines some implications of international adoption legislation.

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Aud Talle gir i denne boken en innføring i fenomenet omskjæring.

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Marianne Lien bidrar i boka The Globalization of Food med kapitlet "Standards, Science and Scale: The Case of Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon". 

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Ruth Jane Prince is focusing on HIV/AIDS interventions and antiretroviral treatment programmes in Kenya, and related issues of global health, the political-economy of knowledge, traditionalism and the state.

Since 1993, Paul Wenzel Geissler has been working , in western Kenya, conducting first medical research and then several years of ethnographic fieldwork.

The Land is Dying. Contingency, Creativity and Conflict in Western Kenya