The Anthropology of Moralities

Signe Howell har skrevet artikkelen "Accelerated Globalisation and the Conflicts of Values Seen Through the Lens of Transnational Adoption: A Comparative Perspective". Den er en historisk og sammenlignede studie av adopsjonspraksiser, lovgivninger, og den moralske konstitusjon av "barndom" i Euro-Amerika og utvalgte land i Sør som adopter barn til land i Nord.  


Artikkelen er publisert i boka "Anthropology of Moralities" som er utgitt på Berghahn og redigert av Monica Heintz.



Anthropologists have been keenly aware of the tension between cultural relativism and absolute norms, and nowhere has this been more acute than with regards to moral values. Can we study the Other’s morality without applying our own normative judgments? How do social anthropologists keep both the distance required by science and the empathy required for the analysis of lived experiences? The plurality of moralities has not received an explicit and focused attention until recently, when accelerated globalization often resulted in the collision of different value systems. Observing, describing and assessing values cross-culturally, the authors propose various methodological approaches to the study of moralities, illustrated with rich ethnographic accounts, thus offering a valuable guide for students of anthropology, sociology and cultural studies and for professionals concerned with the empirical and cross-cultural study of values.

Emneord: Adoption, Globalisation, Transnational adoption Av Alf C. Jensen
Publisert 12. nov. 2009 12:00 - Sist endret 29. apr. 2011 14:13