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Publisert 9. mars 2017 09:59

Samira Martys Titel wirft einen Blick auf ein Verhältnis, das von Unterdrückung und dem Widerstand geprägt ist.

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Publisert 15. jan. 2016 10:30

Boka gir detaljerte og tidvis humoristiske og provoserende beskrivelser av nordmenns holdninger til og kunnskaper om ulike hvaler og hvalfangst så vel som gjennomgang av forskjellige fangstmetoder fra kysten av Vestlandet, fra 1600-tallet fram til 1910.

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Publisert 22. apr. 2015 11:21

Fredrik Barth is one of the towering figures of twentieth-century anthropology. Written in an accessible style, this new intellectual history by Thomas Hylland Eriksen traces the development of Barth’s ideas and explores the substance of his contributions.

Publisert 17. apr. 2015 14:22

Knut Nustad discusses the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in South Africa: the Isimangaliso (St.Lucia) Wetland Park. Here, conservation interests are pitted against those of industrial forestry, commercial farming, and the local communities struggling to have their land returned to them.

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Publisert 15. apr. 2015 11:25

In this new volume Marit Melhuus has written the chapter The Embryo, Sacred and Profane in which she attempts to untangle the conflicting meanings and interests people with different perspectives have for the human embryo.

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Publisert 4. juni 2014 15:52

The Ifugao of Northern Luzon, the Philippines, are famous for their extensive system of irrigated rice terraces, and previous anthropological accounts of the Ifugao have stressed their immense importance for social life. This book, written by Jon Henrik Ziegler Remme,  attempts to ‘go against the grain’ and approach Ifugao society through an often overlooked element, namely their pigs.

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Publisert 24. okt. 2013 10:18

Arnd Schneider and Cristopher Wright examine the relationship between art and anthropology, as editors of this anthology. In engaging with the concerns of both fields, they focus on key works from artists and anthropologists that engage with "art-ethnography" and they investigate the processes and strategies behind their creation and exhibition.

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Published Aug. 28, 2013 1:44 PM

In a chapter in this new book about food research Marianne Lien and Eivind Jacobsen argue that marketers have worked hard to understand and shape the buying practices of urban shoppers, acknowledging how their diverse, segmented and unruly behaviour has changed over time. The authors explore how marketing emerged out economics as a field of knowledge, how it has filled the growing distance between buyers and sellers and they look at some of its successes and failures.

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Publisert 24. apr. 2013 14:02

Thomas Hylland Eriksen har bidratt med kapitlet "Renhetsideologi i en uren tid" i Akademiske perspektiver på 22. juli redigert av Anders Ravik Jupskås.

Publisert 18. jan. 2013 12:52

With this volume Christian Krohn-Hansen presents an ethnographic study of Dominicans in New York City through their participation in small businesses. Krohn-Hansen demonstrates how Dominican enterprises work, how people find economic openings, and how Dominicans who own small commercial ventures have formed political associations to promote and defend their interests. 

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Publisert 17. jan. 2013 16:48

Unni Wikan has spent more time in sustained fieldwork in more societies than any other anthropologist whom I know, and these essays are the connective tissue among her most substantial work. They demonstrate her theoretical acuity in defining an approach that always places human experience first. As a result, she develops attractive, balanced, pragmatic views of culture, relativism, and the tendency in cultural anthropology, at least, to emphasize difference over the coherence of human experience in whichever culture and society it is engaged. They are exemplars and a test, as well, of just that approach which understands that common humanity is to be found anywhere, though complicated by distinctive cultural orientations to the expression of personhood.

Georg Marcus, University of California, Irvine

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Publisert 28. sep. 2012 10:31

Marit Melhuus has written a new book about the Norwegian Biotechnology Act. The act is one of the most restrictive in Europe, forbids egg donation and surrogacy and limits people’s choice as to how they can procreate within the boundaries of the nation state. The author The author investigates fundamental questions as the relation between individual and society, revealing much about vital processes that are central to contemporary Norwegian society.

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Publisert 23. mai 2012 15:46

Sindre Bangstad bok Sekularismens ansikter er kommet ut i svensk språkdrakt. Bangstad analyserer begrepet sekularisme sett i lys av samtidens tenkere. Han drøfter blant annet norske muslimers forhold til sekularisme og følger den indiske debatten. Sekularisme  med tilbakeblikk på Sør-Afrikas historie fra apartheid fram til våre dagers utfordringer for sydafrikanske muslimer beskrives før han avslutter med å se framover i tid.

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Publisert 16. mai 2012 09:53

De har forsket i skoleklasser og barnehager, kirker, moskeer og templer, i borettslag, fritidsklubber og lag og foreninger i Furuset. 15.mai lanserer forskerne i Alnaprosjektet sin første bok.

Publisert 11. mai 2012 13:30

Forlagene Manifest og Flamme har tatt initiativ til en intellektuell mobilisering mot den nye høyreekstremismen. Et større antall norske akademikere – religionshistorikere, statsvitere, medievitere, kjønnsforskere, osv. – tar i denne antologien for seg hver sin påstand fra det originale terrormanifestet. Resultatet er en faglig tilbakevisning, så å si punkt for punkt, av terroristens tankegods.

Vi har lokalt tre bidragsytere i dette akademinske svaret på den nye høyreekstremismen:

Anne Hege Grung tilbakeviser påstanden «Islam er en kvinneundertrykkende religion» i terrormanifestet.

Sindre Bangstad viser til at Breiviks forestilling om et transhistorisk 'homo islamicus',  gjenspeilet  i  sitatet «Muslimenes religiøse verdier endrer seg aldri», ikke har dekning i forskningslitteraturen.

Thomas Hylland Eriksen   imøtegår en av terroristens mange mytiske fremstillinger, nemlig påstanden om at «Norsk kultur blir utslettet», i vårt samfunn med innflytelse fra flere kulturer.

Publisert 19. jan. 2012 14:55

Signe Howell and Aud Talle are editors of this volume which adresses a topic of great relevance to the practice of ethnographic fieldwork, what they call multitemporal fieldwork. 

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Publisert 4. nov. 2011 13:36
Publisert 23. sep. 2011 12:58

Thomas Hylland Eriksen påpeker at jo billigere varene blir, desto mer søppel produserer et samfunn. Jo dyrere tjenestene blir, desto mer lønnsomt blir det å skifte ut alt som ikke er helt hundre prosent.

Publisert 31. aug. 2011 14:29

Signe Howell is describing Chewong sociality as manifested through sharing in her artickle as a part of the anthology  Anarchic Solidarity: Autonomy, Equality, and Fellowship in Southeast Asia. The article investigates the egalitarian ideology of sharing in the Chewong society based on vital values of equality.

Publisert 19. aug. 2011 13:23

Sara Alejandra Manzanares Monteranalyserer i denne boken religiøse, organisasjonsmessige og nære slektskapsbånd hos urbefolkningsgruppen Wixarika (Huichol) i Vest-Mexico.

Published Aug. 9, 2011 2:35 PM

Thomas Hylland Eriksen har skrevet kapitelen ‘A simple colonial philistine society’: cultural complexity and identity politics in small islands, i Islands as Crossroads: Sustaining Cultural Diversity in Small Island Developing States.


Publisert 9. aug. 2011 13:58

Sharam Alghasi har skrevet kapitelen Understanding the audience in a multicultural society i Media in Motion: Cultural Complexity and Migration in the Nordic Region.


Publisert 9. aug. 2011 13:43

Arnd Schneider har skrevet kapittel 4 Unfinished Dialogues: Notes toward an Alternative History of Art and Anthropology i boken Made to Be Seen Perspectives on the History of Visual Anthropology redigert av Marcus Banks og Jay Ruby.


Publisert 5. aug. 2011 13:40

Thomas Hylland Eriksen sammen med Torunn Arntsen Sajjad har skrevet denne boken. Denne 5. utgaven er gjennomarbeidet på nytt og ajourført med hensyn til aktuelle temaer, eksempler, tallmateriale og litteratur.


Publisert 5. aug. 2011 13:17

Thomas Hylland Eriksen har sammen med Hans Erik Næss redigerte boken Kulturell kompleksitet i det nye Norge. Thomas Hylland Eriksen har bidratt med teksten Hva betyr «vi»?