Review of Chris Allen, Islamophobia

Sindre Bangstad gives us an overview of the history of the concept of Islamophobia together with discussisng Chris Allen article.

Bangstad points out that in recent years, new academic titles on Islamophobia in the form of monographs, reportsand journal articles have been piling up on his office desk. The term has been used by nolesser figures than the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, by various UN and Eagencies, as well as the essential magazine for liberal free-marketers and thinkers, TheEconomist










Allens book is also valuable in historicizing the concept of Islamophobia. Whilst insisting on the newnessand uniqueness’  of contemporary articulations of Islamophobia, Allen points to the past of Muslim-Christian relations as a repertoire of ideas and stereotypes often used in contemporary Islamophobic articulations.

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