Arnd Schneider:Expanded Visions:Rethinking Anthropological Research and Representation through Experimental Film

Arnd Schneider has written Expanded Visions:Rethinking Anthropological Research and Representation through Experimental Film in Redrawing Anthropology:Materials, Movements, Lines edited by Tim Ingold, University of Aberdeen, UK


Expanded visions: rethinking anthropological research and representation through experimental film

This chapter critically reviews experimental film-making, as well as experiments with vision and perception in the contemporary arts, and explores their possible relevance for anthropological practices of research and representation. Whilst the ‘cinematic metaphor of montage’ has been discussed in relation to ethnographic writing  (e.g. Marcus), visual anthropology/ethnographic cinema (e.g. Grimshaw), and phenomenologically inflected ethnographic research (e.g. Willerslev), experimental cinema poses a set of altogether more radical challenges which fundamentally interrogate the ‘material’ processes of perception, vision, and subsequent conditions for representation. In the case of experimental film, as pre-digital analogue celluloid film of the 1970s, this involved mostly non-narrative film reflecting on the material conditions of the film-making process itself and the apparatus involved (film material, camera, projector, screen), in order to make the viewer aware of the artificial production of the filmic process and its material specifics.
The chapter discusses the theoretical implications for anthropology.

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