The Uneasy Move from Hunting, Gathering and Shifting Cultivation to Settled Agriculture: the Case of the Chewong (Malaysia)

In this article Signe Howell shows how farming tradition in Chewong areas in Peninsular Malaysia are being influenced by market economy. How inequalities are experienced and how the relations with outsiders influence  daily life.

Events initiated from the outside during the past thirty years have dramatically affected the Chewong way of life, presenting them with a range of challenges - and opportunities - of which they are only beginning to understand the implications. Chewong are not reluctant to earn money, neither are they reluctant to exploit new opportunites of doing so. However, most experience a profound ambivalence regarding the changes. This is based on suspicon of the unkown, on unfavorable experiences with non-Chewong and the Malaysian state, and on a strong reluctance to abandon their way of life and the kind od society that they continue to value.

Emneord: Farming, Chewong, Market economy, Marked
Publisert 23. juni 2011 12:48