Living beyond AIDS in Maasailand: Discourses of Contagion and Cultural Identity

In her essay, Aud Talle discusses  how the pastoral Maasai of East Africa, in discoures and practices, negotiate cultural boundaries between themselves and others while engaging with HIV/AIDS pandemic.



“This volume,  Morality, Hope and Grief: Anthropologies of AIDS in Africa  brings together some of the best, most thoughtful scholarship on AIDS in Africa. The essays are grounded in the troubling economic realities and intimate moral politics of daily life amid widespread existential angst. Together they offer novel insights into contemporary African social processes and experiences. Paying careful attention to the ways people create and tend to local moral worlds, Dilger and Luig have made a compelling, important book.”  ·  Julie Livingston, Rutgers University

Emneord: Africa, HIV/AIDS, Intimacy, Maasai Av Alf Jensen
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