Whatever happened to the spirit of adventure?

Signe Howell is one of the  contributors to a special publication of Paideuma in the chapter with the headline "The end of anthropology?" She asks if we are witnessing the end of academic interest towards the discipline.

Signe Howell refers to different research interersts that may range at different times from , inter alia, indigenous medical systems, to mythology, to power relations and socio-political change, to principles of classification, to development aid, to new kinds of human reproduction, to the morality of trade and barter. In order to say anything interesting about these and all the other topics that anthropologists have writen about, Signe Howell claims that the information and the interpretaions must spring out of solid, rigorous fieldwork, the ultimate aim of which continues to be to interpret the natives point of view, and to relate this to human social life generally and to overarching theoretical debates.

Av Alf Jensen
Publisert 15. okt. 2010 13:38 - Sist endret 15. okt. 2010 13:42