Language endangerment: situations of loss and gain

As the issue of language endangerment and language death has hit linguistics with some urgency, Ingjerd Hoem writes in her article , the recognition of a need for documentation of vanishing cultures has receded into background within mainstream social anthropology

The contributions to this book concern the documentation and revitalization of endangered languages and the archiving of documented language materials. The anthology focuses mainly on endangered Oceanic languages, with articles on Vanuatu by Darrell Tryon and the Marquesas by Gabriele Cablitz, on situations of loss and gain by Ingjerd Hoëm and on the Kilivila language of the Trobriands by the editor. Nick Thieberger, Peter Wittenburg and Paul Trilsbeek, and David Blundell and colleagues write about aspects of linguistic archiving. Under the rubric of revitalization, Margaret Florey and Michael Ewing write about Maluku, Jakelin Troy and Michael Walsh about Australian Aboriginal languages in southeastern Australia, whilst three articles, by Sophie Nock, Diane Johnson and Winifred Crombie concern the revitalization of Māori.

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