Annual Review of Anthropology

Signe Howell bidrar med  artikkelen "Adoption of the Unrelated Child: Some Challenges to the Anthropological Study of Kinship" i 2009-utgaven av Annual Review of Anthropology.


Adoption of children born by others is practiced in some form or another in all known societies. Although ethnographic monographs from all over the world have made numerous brief references to local adoption and/or fostering practices, very little sustained interpretative interest has, until recently, been directed at this social phenomenon. With the sudden and rapid increase in transnational adoption—people in Western Europe and North America adopt children from countries in the south and the former Soviet empire—a new-found anthropological interest in adoption has been observed. This review places adoption firmly within the tradition of theoretical kinship and explores the values attached to a perceived relationship between biological and social relatedness in a number of different social settings in which adoption is being practiced.


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Emneord: Biocentism, Fictive kinship, Parenthood, Laws and conventions, Roots and origins, Transnational adoption Av Alf Jensen
Publisert 20. nov. 2009 10:00 - Sist endret 28. apr. 2011 16:34