Madeleine Schia


Mobile: +47 92422480


Madeleine Schia is a doctoral student at the University of Edinburgh currently undertaking ethnographic fieldwork in Norway and Scotland following the ongoing development of several hydrogen vessels intended for different segments of the maritime industry (ROPAX, Container and Offshore).

After finishing a bachelor's degree in social anthropology at the University of Oslo in 2013, Madeleine has worked in the shipping industry in Norway for a multimodal marine engineering company and for international container ship companies. She was awarded the “Best Dissertation” about biomimetic antifouling for large ships for her MSc in social anthropology at the University of Edinburgh in 2019, and is set to finish her PhD at the same university in 2022.

Academic interests

Maritime anthropology, anthropology of energy ethics and environmental anthropology, with particular interest in shipbuilding and development of infrastructure, science and technology, social and ecological change, and political economy.

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