Laura Ogden: More-than-human Storytelling and Speculative Wonder

How do we make more-than-human relations come alive in our research? Human speech and written texts are key sources of reference, but how do we account for sociality beyond words and human perspectives? What forms of research and knowledge enable the exploration of multi-species worlds? How make our writing less anthropocentric in the Anthropocene?

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Laura Ogden

We have the pleasure of inviting you to a workshop with anthropologist Laura Ogden, who has engaged with these questions for many years, and will share some text excerpts with you in advance. The workshop will be in the form of roundtable discussion, based on questions and challenges that participants would like to share. We will ask all participants to submit a short statement (max half a page, or just a few questions). Please sign up by responding to this email as soon as possible. Participation will be limited and based on a first come - first serve principle.

This is a joint event launched by the Department of Social Anthropology and Oslo School of Environmental Humanities

Laura Ogden is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Dartmouth College. She is the author of Swamplife; People, gators and mangroves entangled in the Everglades (2011), and is currently working on a book entitled Loss and Wonder at the World’s End, based on archival and ethnographic material from Tierra del Fuego.

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