Etnografisk film: Metal: A headbanger’s journey

Why is heavy metal music so beloved by its devoted fans and yet so controversial?

Metal: A headbanger’s journey

Director: Sam Dunn, 2005.

Sam Dunn, a 30-year old headbanger-turned anthropologist, investigates the origins and subculture surrounding heavy metal, tracing the genre's roots from 1970s post-industrial England to its 1980s pop crossover to its modern-day variants in Norwegian black metal. Told from the perspective of a devoted fan, Dunn balances his insider's view with interviews with some of metal's most influential artists -- including Alice Cooper, Bruce Dickinson and Rob Zombie -- as well as enthusiastic acolytes.

Publisert 22. jan. 2020 14:37 - Sist endret 22. jan. 2020 16:04