Unity: Dress-Scapes of Accra

Join us in the showing of our second ethnographic film this semester, where we travel to Accra, the vibrant capital of Ghana. Walking down the city streets, we meet both younger and older generations of people wearing African prints and wear. Come and listen to them tell their stories, why African fashion is important to them and how they use it. 

Source: https://www.ethnocineca.at/en/programme-2017/films-a-z/unity-dress-scapes-of-accra/

In this ethnographic film series, we explore different aspects of what it means to be human. Moving beyond just a focus on the human species, we look closer at our interactions with others and our surrounding environment, revealing how we shape and are shaped by non-human, materialities, histories and conditions around us.

This week's theme: The Things We Make


Film Title: Unity: Dress-Scapes of Accra (Netherlands, 2006), 37 min. 

Director: Mara Lin Visser

This ethnographic movie takes us to Accra, the capital of Ghana, where a booming fashion industry celebrates tailor-made fashion from traditional and contemporary African prints to hybrid styles, mixing the African with the Western. Throughout the film, we follow Allan and his wife Cynthia, who make and design African wear that expresses and celebrates African identity, tradition and creativity.


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