Embrace of the Serpent

Embace of the Serpent (El abrazo de la serpiente) is the critically acclaimed and oscar-nominated anthropological adventure that tells the story of two journeys in the Columbian Amazon, one in the 1900s and the other in the 1940s. It is a poignant condemnation of colonialism and we are left both mourning the loss of, as well as celebrating, the majesty of a lost world.

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In this ethnographic film series, we explore different aspects of what it means to be human. Moving beyond just a focus on the human species, we look closer at our interactions with others and our surrounding environment, revealing how we shape and are shaped by non-human, materialities, histories and conditions around us.

This week's theme: The People We Encounter


Film Title: Embrace of the Serpent (Columbia, 2015), 123 min. 

Director: Ciro Guerra

In 1909, the German ethnographer Theodor Koch-Grünberg, on whose real-life travel diaries this black-and-white movie is partly based, recruits a young shaman, Karamakate, in his search for a sacred medicinal plant with healing properties. Thirty-one years later, an American scientist initiates a similar quest for the same fabled plant. Once more, Karamakate accompanies a Western scientist on a journey through the Amazon. As we move deeper into these intertwined stories, we mourn the shaman’s lost way of life and are offered glimpses of past and present horrors of colonial conquest and environmental destruction.

Filmene blir vist i HumSam-biblioteket i Georg Sverdrups hus (Universitetsbiblioteket). Det vil bli skiltet godt utenfor og i biblioteket hver gang.



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