Afrika-seminar: Odd Are Berkaak "Global rasta: I-alogues in liveaspora"

Velkommen til foredrag og diskusjon over temaet "Global rasta: I-alogues in liveaspora". Seminaret innledes av Odd Are Berkaak, professor ved Sosialantropologisk institutt, UiO.

Foto: Odd Are Berkaak


I have taken up again my interest in the Rastafari movement that I started in 1977. As a student at the Jamaica School of Music 1977/78, I made a study of two Rasta yards in Kingston and their significance as spaces for the emergence of Reggae music as an international pop genre (1980). I was later attached to the University of the West Indies from 1980/84. Rastafari is a pan-African, post-colonial movement for whom Emperor Haile Seilassie is Christ incarnate and Ethiopia is the Holy Land where they have a vision to return. In 2012 I made my first field trip to Shashamene in Ethiopia in an attempt to explore the lives of those rastas who actually emigrated back to "Zion". I am inspired by Paul Gilroy's idea of The Black Atlantic, and will be doing fieldwork in Kingston, London, Shashamene and Accra. I am using the camera actively by letting the people at the different destinations/sites communicate with each other through my camera.

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