Nordic Culture

What is "Norway"? What characterizes the cultural diversity in the Nordic countries? What is the significance of sameness in the Nordic countries?

Norway today

The Department of social anthropology has several researchers involved in research on and about the Nordic countries, especially through fieldwork in Norway. Thematically, this includes community studies, fishing, trapping and hunting, consumption, cultural differences and integration, popular culture and politics. This research focus on cultural values ​​and traditions, social relationships and patterns of interaction, power relations and change.

Is the Nordic region distinctive?

Anthropological studies of various aspects of social conditions in Norway/the Nordic region for researchers at SAI in particular have been led by two goals: to map social and cultural variation in time and space, and to develop fruitful comparative perspectives. The comparative perspective concerns the question of how Norway/the Nordic region can be understood as a distinctive cultural region, what separates it from Europe and the "Western" world in general, and why these characteristics are relevant. Likeness and egalitarianism are relevant examples. Research on this topic is related to the department's core area Comparative Nordic ethnography.

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