Nature, Culture and Society

How do people use nature, and how is this use organized? How do people use the environment they live in, and how are they affected by it? What is "natural"?

People and nature

These are some of the important themes in this area of research, which also deals with ideas about nature and the natural in terms of kinship, body, food and identity, management of natural resources, environmental protection and environmental discourse.

Foto: voux, Flickr

Foto: voux, Flickr

From fishing in northern Norway to health in Africa

Many researchers at the department have expertise in the field of Nature, culture and society. Their projects represent different theoretical perspectives, and are based on fieldwork from very different places. Catch and fishing in Japan, Canada and northern Norway; life in the rainforests of New Guinea and Malaysia; nomadic behavior in East Africa; and race, health and hygiene in South Africa are some examples of department staff's interest in this field. Global environmental discourse has become an increasingly important focus of research at SAI in recent years, particularly in relation to whaling in northern regions, fauna in Australia, salmon farming in Norway and the destruction of rainforests in Southeast Asia.

An active area of research

Nature, culture and society has been a focus in Social Anthropology since 1999, and the department is the only social anthropological institution in Norway to pursue this theme. There is a lot of activity in this field, including national and international conferences, literature seminars and teaching at postgraduate, master and bachelor level.

Published Oct. 13, 2011 2:41 PM